Kumar Barve



 For over twenty years Kumar Barve has led the fight in Annapolis to create greater economic growth for every Maryland family. He successfully passed some of the nation’s most progressive economic legislation, ensuring all Marylanders have the opportunity to earn a fair wage and create an environment where small businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive.

Spearheading Innovation: In the legislature Kumar led the charge to create the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, which became the primary vehicle for creating high tech jobs and securing investment for Maryland’s high tech companies. In Congress, Kumar will continue to foster and encourage this growth by bringing research dollars and smart public-private partnership investments back to our communities.

Ensuring Opportunity: Kumar knows that creating opportunities for the next generation is critical for Maryland’s economy. In Congress, he’ll work to get student loan debt under control, so a good education does not come with a lifetime of debt. And he’ll lead the effort to ensure that our community colleges and training centers are meeting the needs of emerging industries and our 21st century economy. Kumar believes that ensuring our young people start their careers on sound financial footing is the best way to create long term economic growth in Maryland.

Promoting Fairness: An accountant by trade, Kumar has been at the forefront of efforts to ensure economic fairness for middle class families across the state. He took on big business and saved taxpayers over $500 million by closing corporate tax loopholes. And Kumar took on HMO’s and big insurance companies, to allow Marylanders to see their doctor of their choice.

Seeking to Set Himself Apart, Barve Emphasizes Employment Issues in District 8 Race

Candidate says more must be done to help middle class Originally in Bethesda Magazine Trying to set himself apart in the crowded race for the Democratic nomination in the 8thCongressional District, Del. Kumar Barve Monday frequently cited his long experience in public office and his emphasis on economic issues during an appearance before a group of local Democrats in Silver Spring. “As a person who has spent 25 years in the legislature, I have focused on many of the social issues on which I think the [Democratic primary candidates] are identical—when it comes to women&rs…

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